AAC 2014 Proceedings

On-line Proceedings

The Proceedings for AAC 2014 has been published on-line through the American Institute of Physics (AIP), and is available here. The on-line Proceedings has AIP Conf. Proc. Volume number 1777, ISBN 978-0-7354-1439-6, is registered with the Library of Congress, includes color graphics, and is available in perpetuity to all interested users at no charge, without the need for username/password. There is no print book Proceedings because of insufficient demand.


The manuscript submission and formatting guidelines below are retained as a reference for future AAC workshops.

Manuscript Submission

The deadline has been extended - manuscripts are due September 21, 2014, 5pm PDT. Note: A signed transfer of copyright agreement obtained - please use the latest version from AIP.

Email manuscripts in PDF format, without size alteration from their native format (see below), If you prepare your manuscript in MS Word, which we strongly recommend, please also email the native Word document. Do not send LaTeX files.

For working group talks/posters, manuscripts must be named aac2014_surname_N_WGM.pdf, where 'surname' is the first author's surname, where N = 1 labels the author's first manuscript and N > 1 labels additional ones as needed, and where M = working group number.

For plenary talks, manuscripts must be named aac2014_surname_plenary.pdf.

For working group summaries, manuscripts must be named aac2014_WGM_summary.pdf, where M = working group number.

Manuscripts not named according to these instructions will be rejected.

The transfer of copyright agreement should be named tca_surname_N.pdf, where N is defined above.

Manuscript format

Manuscripts are 8.5x11 inch single column format. The AIP instructions for this format are at

Manuscripts not meeting these format requirements will be rejected.

Manuscript length

Plenary and working group summary manuscripts: 9 pages maximum.

All other manuscripts: 5 pages maximum.

Manuscripts not meeting these length requirements will be rejected.

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