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Please contact your workgroup leader directly if you have any questions on your submission. Email addresses are now included on the "Working Groups" page.


There are five categories of presentations at AAC2014, and ALL must be accompanied by abstract submission which can be entered into the online abstract form below.

  1. Plenary talks: These are talks to the full AAC2014 assembly, and this slate of speakers has already been arranged.
  2. Invited talks in the working groups: The leaders of each working group will solicit a very limited number of abstracts on truly outstanding recent work from the list of AAC invitees.
  3. Contributed talks in the working groups: AAC2014 invitees are requested to submit abstracts to their preferred working group(s). Please refer to the Working Groups' Mission Statements when considering the working group(s) to which you choose to submit your abstract.
  4. Non-student contributed posters: These will be presented in a general poster session coinciding with an evening reception on July 15.
  5. Student posters: These can be contributed as poster-only (abstract required) or they can be supplemental to a student talk from one of the working group sessions (an abstract is required for the talk). These will be presented at the poster session/evening reception on July 15, with prizes for the best student posters.

Abstract submission instructions

The abstract form limits your abstract to 50 words and your summary to approximately 350 words and ONE PAGE ONLY. Please do not submit additional materials.

When received in our office your abstracts will be forwarded to the working group leaders you have listed as preferred. If you wish to submit both a poster AND a talk on related subjects, please submit separate abstracts for each, refer explicitly to the related submission in each text, and justify briefly why they are complementary and warrant separate presentation.

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