AAC Prize

The AAC Prize

The AAC Prize is awarded to individuals for outstanding contributions to the science and technology of advanced accelerator concepts. The AAC Prize will be awarded at the 2014 Advanced Accelerator Concepts Workshop during the Banquet. The Prize is comprised of a monetary award of $6000, a plaque and a certificate. This prize is made possible by a generous donation from Bergoz Instrumentation, of Saint Genis Pouilly, France, manufacturers of electronic instruments to non-destructively measure fast pulses, DC and AC currents, and the properties of beams from high energy particle accelerators.

Rules and Eligibility

The Prize Selection Committee selects one (and only one) winner of the prize. Nominations are comprised of a letter by the nominator, which should include the information listed below, accompanied by the nominee's CV and list of publications. Up to three additional support letters can be added. Nominations are sent electronically to the Chair of the Prize Selection Committee, who distributes them to the committee members.

The information included in the nomination letter is the name, title and affiliation of the candidate, a brief (one line) citation describing the achievement for which the award is sought, and the list of relevant publications describing this work. The listed publications must have appeared in journals or widely-available conference proceedings, and should be appended to the nomination package. Note: Contributions to the upcoming AAC2014 Workshop cannot serve as primary sources, as these proceedings would not have been published at the time of the committee deliberations.

Deadline for Nominations: 5:00pm Eastern Standard Time, May 16, 2014

Nominations as described above should be sent via email to the Chair of the AAC2014 Prize Selection Committee, Ilan Ben-Zvi at benzvi@bnl.gov. The committee members for the AAC2014 prize are:

Ilan Ben-Zvi (chair)

Chan Joshi

Bob Palmer

Wim Leemans

Dave Sutter

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